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Delhi 6 offers a new dining experience, flavours of the long forgotten cuisines of Undivided India’s North-West Frontier Province. Delhi 6 menu offers a delicious departure from the ordinary.

The province was named North-West Frontier Province during the Colonial Period of Undivided India under the British Rule. The delectable cuisine from this area can be best defined as rustic and robust.

This cuisine uses the simplistic style of preparation, where chunks of meat, seafood and vegetables are marinated sparingly and cooked in the clay tandoor at high temperatures so that they remain tender and succulent. The rustic-ness of the cuisine and the focus on preserving the flavours of the ingredients is the highlight of this cuisine.

Delhi 6 menu is rooted in rich royal heritage of North-West Frontier Province and is a combination of subtle taste and flavours. Delhi 6 passionate teams of chefs who believe in absolute perfection use the true technique of grilling these age old delicacies of signature Kebabs. The preparation of spices is a century old craft and is indispensable to this cuisine. Recreating the magic of the spices, Delhi 6 Chefs have carefully handpicked spices and flavours often used in the kitchen of the royalties.

Delhi 6 – revives the lost age old cuisine and cooking style to bring you an experience which is a feast for the stomach and the soul.

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